Sunday, June 15, 2008

Newer Stuffs

The athlete on top was a result of my Photoshop exercise. Sketched and finished in a days time.
The kid with the soccer ball tucked under his arm was one among the variations for the mascot sort of character we (me and my amazing Programmer friend Ranjit) were trying out for this Concept game. The game is still under process.
The character on skateboard was a theme poster for one of the apparel outlets Campaign.
Sketched, scanned and did the finishing in Flash and Photoshop.

Some more on the Soccer game stills.

This composition with the school bus is part of my daily work at the office. At the beginning of every E learning module we are required to insert a title scene.It’s a fun process as we do it after finishing the work for the entire module. Always fun to do graphics for toddlers!


SandSekh said...

welcome to blogging buddy...
Can't wait to see whats comin..

Really like what u did to the runner...reminds me of Bobby chiu

cueda.. said...

hey sanju,

you blogging too!!...landed up here from sandeeps blog. nice works... reminds of the seshadripuram days when you guys frequented :)