Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lens Effect

Some of my favourite snaps of my recent trip(May01) to Uttarakhand. Photo Courtsey: Kamlesh Singh/Anand C

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This one I did after Bryan Adams visit to bangalore, The character shown here is though based on another fav band of mine..... REM! Just wanted to Capture the mood at the concert.

Life Study - WaterColor

Color study... Another good model to work with. watercolor is an intresting medium, needs lots of practice (which im short on) to get the control and keep youe hues fresh.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Days of my life

I have done this during my final year assignment at college. Acrylic on paper was turning into my favorite medium. Somehow my friend Xavier’s one room apartment stuck with me as my pet subject. I did a lot of sketches especially the sleeping character on bed before I finalized this layout. My friend Suresh (one of the best 3D modeler I know personally) was all over my tacky room perspective.

Envy - Acrylic on Canvas

Here’s another acrylic, this time on canvas. A tribute to my all time favorite artist Michelangelo the great! Always curious to know Sandy’s comments on this one.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Chosen One - Acrylic on Paper

One more work on paper ! This time i decided to experiment on a larger scale. A little bit of Mix media... to complete the collage of figures in the background i had to sacrifice a lot of sports magzines from my collection. My friends Jaison,Harsha,Xav and Sumanth helped me to cut and stick them up, and guess what i just managed to finish up on time before our submission .

Just to give an idea of the size...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Newer Stuffs

The athlete on top was a result of my Photoshop exercise. Sketched and finished in a days time.
The kid with the soccer ball tucked under his arm was one among the variations for the mascot sort of character we (me and my amazing Programmer friend Ranjit) were trying out for this Concept game. The game is still under process.
The character on skateboard was a theme poster for one of the apparel outlets Campaign.
Sketched, scanned and did the finishing in Flash and Photoshop.

Some more on the Soccer game stills.

This composition with the school bus is part of my daily work at the office. At the beginning of every E learning module we are required to insert a title scene.It’s a fun process as we do it after finishing the work for the entire module. Always fun to do graphics for toddlers!

Flashy' Color works

Back to my pet theme basketball! The CGTalk guys were kind enough to post the finished version on there site. The Chef and the other three characters are for a concept 2d game called 'Smugglers cove'.

Old Doodles and sketches

Head Study. pencil on paper.
Close up of an ol' lady's hand study. Should have worked out some more angles..

Forgot to take my colors on that particular day, Hence ended up finishing this antomy study with my Ball point pen. Had fun while working out as the feel is bit different than a pencil or art brush.
After finishing did some touch ups with a wet paint brush.

Some of the roughs I did for one of the school projects at my workplace.